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Did the zipper break?

Don't throw away your favorite jacket or your child's overall just because the zipper slider has come off or doesn't close properly! We offer an affordable and quick solution that extends the lifespan of the item, and the repair won't take much time!

Kelguvahetus pükstes
Zipper slider change

Zipper slider replacement is a common occurrence in our work. For many clients, it offers a cost-effective solution, being half as expensive as a full zipper replacement while often just as effective. Additionally, gentle use can extend the zipper's lifespan by up to half. Learn more to see if we can assist you too!

Many people struggle with using zippers correctly, or over time, the zipper slider wears out, causing the zipper to malfunction. This may make it difficult to open or even lead to the separation of the zipper halves.

The most challenging part of this process is finding a suitable new zipper slider. Nowadays, there is a wide selection of different zipper models and brands, each requiring specific solutions. For items like overalls or bags, some dismantling may be necessary, followed by sewing to restore the original condition.

We generally advise against bringing in just the zipper slider for the reasons mentioned above. Zipper sliders and zippers themselves come in various sizes, and even if a new slider seems to fit, it may not function well. Moreover, zipper issues often go beyond the slider and may involve the malfunction of the zipper's fastening mechanisms or teeth, requiring a complete zipper replacement.

To determine if zipper slider replacement is suitable for your zipper, it's best to bring it to one of our sewing studios. Our tailors can assess it and provide you with a preliminary cost estimate.

In case zipper slider replacement is not possible, we also offer zipper replacement services. The cost of zipper change starts at 23€ and depends on the length of it and complexity of the jacket.

We look forward welcoming you in our sewing studios in Tallinn shopping centers in Mustamäe – Kadaka, Merimetsa, Mustika or Magistrali sewing studios!

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