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FAQ: Answering Your Top10 Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Mar 12

We are a company offering sewing and tailoring services in Tallinn, Estonia. We operate our sewing studios in Mustamäe area shopping centrs.

Here you can find TOP10 most frequent questions about our sewing studios, work process and services. We hope this will give you a hint of what to expect when placing an order in one of our 4 sewing studios. In case you won't find your question here, please feel free to turn to us via Facebook.

Mustika õmblustuba Mustika

1) What does clothing repair cost? Do you have a price sheet?

We do! You can find one printed one in every of our 4 sewing studios or have a peek on our most popular services online here. Usually, it is hard to say exact price, as every piece is unique and might be different in both workload, as well as the final price. This is why, we normally share only the starting price of the service and only after seeing your order in person we can give you an estimation of the cost. If you still are keen on getting a price estimation, we suggest, you send us a picture of the repair you have in mind on our e-mail: and we will get back to you! You are always welcome to back it up with a few photos. 

2) How soon will my order be completed?

It depends on the season and on the sewing studio. Normally during season change its less than a week/average of the 3 working days and the shortest execution times are normally in Kadaka and Merimetsa sewing studios. If this is a tailored piece, then expect 2-3 weeks, depending on how often you are able to participate in the fittings. We also offer 24h express service on clothing repair, which means, you get your order as soon as possible or latest in 24h. This will add 30% to the cost of the order. 

3) I only have a tiny hole. How much will it cost to repair?

Our prices start at 5€ per piece per service. Also, if we need to open up the piece to fix the hole, it will take longer and thus will cost more. The most precise estimation will be given during order formalization. 

4) Can I bring you my fur coat? Can you make a new fur coat?

We can help out with the repairs, but we generally don’t work with fur.

5) Can you change the metal buttons in your sewing studio?  

We can! Here you can read a bit more about what exactly do we offer in our sewing studios. Expect at least 2-3 days for order completion. 

6) Can I work for you? Or can I come for an internship for my school-university project?

We do take interns almost every year and sometimes we have free vacancies available. You can always send us your request and CV to our e-mail: and we will get back to you on the current situation.

7) Do you make tailor-made pieces?

We certainly do. Basically what you need to know beforehand is that we work with your materials, we can offer some zips and buttons, but if you have something specific in mind we suggest to come first to us to consult. The consultation is free of charge, and we normally conduct it in Kadaka sewing studio. If you need any help with picking the right materials, the consultation is the perfect place where we can discuss this.

7) Can you buy me textile for me?

We can offer you help when choosing, if you come buy at our Kadaka sewing studio at textile shop Kangas&Nööp.

9) Do you make tailor-made suits for men? 

Unfortunately we don’t. Our main specialization are women’s clothes. We can help out with men’s trousers, but more than that would require special tailor services.

10) You haven't replied my e-mail. What should I do?

We are sorry, if we missed it. Please, try again via Facebook or new e-mail at 


Yours truly, Õmblusteenused

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