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We offer clothing repair and alterations, personal tailoring, curtain manufacture and anything you may expect from a textile/fabric studio in Tallinn, Estonia.
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Our History brand grew out of Gudman OU owner's 25 years experience and operates in four sewing studios in Tallinn. is something much more than an simple business enterprise. It's like your child or a pet, whom we care about and love with all our soul. We were founded in 1997 and have acted in many different areas and serving in both private and corporate clients. Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services. We welcome you at our Kadaka, Merimetsa, Mustika and Magistral service points and we hope to help you enhance your appearance as well as your home!


Our Expertise

In sewing studios you will find best tailors in Tallinn! We will alter your clothes to get a desired fit or sew garments from scratch. Our tailors have experience in both mass clothing production as well as preparing individual tailoring.

We welcome you at our sewing studios in Mustamäe area in Magistral, Mustika and Merimetsa Selver shopping centers and in Kadaka Kangas&Nööp fabric shop.
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