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Price list 2024: Õmblusteenused

Updated: Apr 27

We offer our customers a wide range of sewing services in Tallinn, Estonia. However, regardless of our long period of operation, we haven't shared our price list publicly on the Internet. Õmblusteenused

Why so?

This is because almost every order is unique and the nature of the work can be very different. Unfortunately, it is quite often that it is not possible to assess the amount of work with your eyes only. For some more complex jobs, the price may even change during the work process (and the price may move in both directions). However, it is especially difficult when we have to consult on the price without seeing the item we need to repair, especially by phone or at an online inquiry.

Sometimes, it is that our clients have thought of one way of approaching the problem, whilst in real life it is either not possible or not very beautiful.

That's why we urge you to come on a consultation to our tailors at the spot, after which we would be confident to make you a price offer.

Still, we see a great demand for at least some reference point and, as we believe that our prices are quite competitive and the work done by our tailors offering 100% quality, we would like to share some overview to help our customers.

Below you can find the prices of some of our most popular services:

Metallic button installation

1pc – 7€*

2pcs – 8€

3pcs – 9€

4pcs– 12€

5pcs – 15€

Hemming trousers

Hemming trousers starting from 12€

Jeans original seam from 16€

Hole repairs from 7€ (depending on the size of the hole)

Zipper slider installation

small zipper – 12€

2 small zippers or one big one (sizes 8,10) – 15€

2 big zippers (sizes 8,10) – 18€

Zipper change:

In a skirt/trousers/dress starting from 18€

Unlined jacket from 25€

Jacket with zipper up to 80 cm from 32€

Winter coat with zipper up to 99cm from 25€

Winter coat, leather jacket from 28€

There is a selection of zippers on site, but you can also welcome to get your own zipper.

Tailor-made clothes for women

Blouse, vest without lining - price starting from 120 €

Dress - price starting from 150 €, with lining from 180€

Spring-autumn coat - from 250 €

Tailor-made clothes for men

Trousers- price starting from 120€

Vest - price starting from 250€

Spring-autumn coat - price starting from 350€

Please note that we work with the materials provided by clients. In case you need some help with picking them, we offer a consultation prior to ordering. To arrange a prior consultation, please contact us by e-mail:

Additional information about our services and executed orders (tailor-made clothing, clothing alterations, curtain sewing and special orders) can be found on our website.

You are welcome to e-mail us for additional information and we will do our best to consult you on the possible price!

We are always happy to meet you at our sewing studios in Tallinn:

* price list for 01.2024

** prices include VAT

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